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Transportes Cruzados is a sister company of Grupo SEPCE that was born from the need of our clients to have a safe and reliable cross-border transportation provider for their foreign trade operations. Our goal is to offer an integrated service of the best quality in customs brokerage and freight transportation.


We are certified in quality and safety. We have established procedures to offer an excellent service without compromising the security of the supply chain at any time.


We have a strict recruitment process, certified facilities, highly trained and uniformed drivers, preventative maintenance programs and a “Just in Time” service mentality.


Exceed the expectations of our clients and contribute to their growth, offering an excellent service of freight transportation and logistics.



To be a leading company, recognized for its quality of service and innovation in the field of freight transportation and logistics in Mexico. Maintain an unstoppable success attitude  and to continuously  grow our operation thanks to responsible resource management, good social values, continuous improvement and a 100% customer-focused service.

Quality Policy

At Transportes Cruzados we are committed to providing an excellent service that meets all the requirements of our customers through harmony, respect and the continuous improvement of our workers.


Security Policy

At Transportes Cruzados the most important thing is the safety of our clients, workers and suppliers. As a company, we actively participate with Mexican and American authorities through different security programs to avoid terrorism and illegal activities that could affect our community and put the integrity of the supply chain at risk.

      Certified company 

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